Australia,  Cairns

Snorkelling the great barrier reef in Cairns

Since I can remember I have adored swimming a water baby from the get go. From racing competitively at a young age, to now just find beauty and peace in water. Visiting and swimming in the Great Barrier Reef has always been at the top of my bucket list. So of course when I got to Cairns, I had to make the most of it.

The Great Barrier Reef is the most famous reef in the world, not only is it the biggest in the world but reefs around the world produce half the worlds oxygen and absorb nearly a third of the worlds CO2. It is a hugely important area that needs to protected! I snorkelled at both the Whitsundays and up in Cairns, with the second being far superior.

I went about booking my trip by dropping the ever so useful and amazing guys at RatPack Travel a message. Not only will these guys help find the perfect Snorkelling experience for you but they will also help plan your whole Australia trip. They really are LEGENDS when it comes to ensuring you get the most out of Australia. So drop them a message using this link!

The trip ended being with a company called Passions of Paradise. One of the reasons why these guys were my favourite option was due to their desire to help the reef. They are certified as an eco-tourism company. They are part of the Coral Nurturing Program project. They work with the Australian Rainforest Foundation to offset our carbon emissions; last year, they helped plant 1200 trees in the Daintree Rainforest. They have many other projects which they educate you about when you go on your day trip and they also educate you about how you can help!

I booked the intro to diving option meaning I got to snorkel and scuba dive despite never doing my PADI. You only let go of the instructor for photos! The day cost $220 AUD (£120), and the photos cost $45 (£24.50).

It was an awesome day out, seeing stunning fish, ridiculously colourful coral and even a turtle. You are provided with both breakfast and lunch as well as all the snorkelling and scuba equipment.

I went during jellyfish season meaning I had to wear a stinger suit which was a look…

For this day I would recommend bringing: lots of suncream, a comfy cossie, comfy clothes to wear on top, sunnies, a towel, water and a camera. You can buy the photos of you swimming on the day but if you have a Go Pro being that too.

It was an awesome day and the best way to spend my last day in Australia. It really has inspired me to do my PADI once the world has opened up again.

Keep safe everyone.

Bye for Now ✌🏻

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