New Zealand,  North Island,  Waikato


Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, are perhaps two of the biggest movie franchises in the world. In order to capitalise on the success of these films Hobbiton was kept and looked after. This has since become one of the biggest tourist attractions in New Zealand. If you, like me, love these films then this is an absolute must for anyone visiting.

The price of the trip is a minimum of $75 NZD however there are more expensive tours, so research before hand to decide what is best for you. I did the cheapest option (joys of a backpackers budget!!).

The whole area is surrounded by fields and beautiful countryside, and you truly feel immersed in the wonderful world of Lord of the Rings.

An absolute highlight for me, was being able to have a drink in the Green Dragon. You can either choose between a normal beer or a ginger beer. Both are tasty, but only one is included in the $75 NZD tour.

Fun fact in order to be cast as a hobbit you had to be shorter than 5ft4, making me officially hobbit height.

So from this hobbit, stay safe!

Bye for Now ✌🏻

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