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Mt Batur Hike

As an avid lover of all things mountainous and anything to do with a hike, has be instantly wanting to do it! So of course I jumped at the chance to climb Mt Batur to see sunrise.

The Climb

It starts with an early rise at 3am, so you can easily make it to the summit before sunrises. The walk is easy but you do tend to go up the mountain at a startling rate, in order to reach the summit. If your fitness isn’t up to it, you will probably still make it for sunrise but maybe not such a great seat at the top! The actual climb is very easy to organise through the local hotels and hostels and costs around £35-50 depending on how and who you do it with.

The sunrise at the top is truly stunning and captivating. However it is very busy and overcrowded at the top and on the trail, which makes me wonder whether there are other sunrise treks with less people

🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️- this is a very doable walk, however due to the pace its not the easiest in the world either. I would suggest due to the downhill nature and the speed you go up or down, if you have an injuries on the lower limb or slightly older than walking poles might be useful

My Top Tips

  • Wear proper shoes like trainers or walking shoes as the ground isn’t the most stable
  • Bring water, lots of it! Keep sipping not chugging it on the hike. Bring a fleece, coat and a even a bobble hat.
  • Lots of layers, its surprisingly very cold at the top so layer up!
  • Bring snacks to keep you going, some companies will provide snacks others won’t so better to be prepared.
  • Waterproofs or windbreakers are a must!
  • Bring your own head-torch much easier than carrying a handheld torch
  • A good camera with lots of charge as you’ll want to capture this amazing sunrise.

✨✨ as an avid hiker this was one of my absolute highlights of Bali, despite all the tourists. There is nothing quite like a sunrise hike, well not for me anyways.

Happy exploring!

Bye for Now ✌🏻

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