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Munduk to Kintamani

Day 2 of the tour consisted of three major activites!

  1. Red Coral Waterfall Walk in Munduk
  2. Banjar Hot Springs
  3. Pura Dalem Bullian Temple Experience

Red Coral Waterfall Walk

This was a beautiful walk filled with amazing flora and fauna, local to the area. However the highlight of the walk is the amazing views at the beginning and also the waterfall.

The walk is very doable for all fitness levels, with some incline but the path is simple and easy. Great for all ages and all abilities.

🚶🏼‍♀️ – easy walking!

Banjar Hot Springs

I have to say this was one of the places that could easily have been missed off the Bali itinerary. It’s sold as a relaxing and healing experience based on the use of heated mineral thermal water. It was very busy with both tourists and locals alike, which for me took away a lot of the relaxing features. However despite the sulphur there was not a pungent smell which was very appreciated.

I would have to admit that I would not recommend this, and think you can find more impressive and beautiful thermals baths in other places.

Pura Dalem Bullian Temple

This was one of the most amazing experiences of the whole trip. It started as a buffet lunch with a coconut, followed by a lesson in how to dance traditionally. Which was followed getting dressed in traditional clothing, making an offering and attending a traditional Hindu service.

The food was amazing, it wasn’t overly touristy and felt very authentic. I would highly recommend this as you feel you get a true insight into how Balinese people live their lives.

✨- Highlight

Hope this was an exciting read and happy travels.

Bye for now,

Charlotte ✌🏻

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