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Review: Dropshot, Southfields

Mum and I finally had the same day off today so we decided to head out into Southfields and try out a cafe called Dropshot, which we have been eyeing up for ages.


With chilled music playing in the background, small plants on every table, a rustic style to the chairs and tables, it was very relaxed. Dropshot is best described as being very ‘on trend’ in its style and atmosphere. The music is loud enough to hear and enjoy but also quiet enough that normal conversation can be easily maintained.

It is also a local hub with a constant flow of people coming in and out. This really helps to enhance the atmosphere as no one likes to be the only one in a cafe, no matter how nice it is.


The food was really very yummy and nutritious. It felt like you were fuelling your body with ‘good stuff’ but also feeling slightly indulgent. The menu has a vast collection of food, including vegan, veggie and meat based food. So it is really suitable for everyone.

For Brunch we had:

‘The Grasscourt’ – halloumi, cucumber, asparagus with an (optional) poached egg on the side. The use of chilli flakes, to add some spice and warmth, sold the dish to me. I would recommend paying the extra for the poached egg as the contrast of the egg and the halloumi worked beautifully together.

‘The Grandslam’ – this was a scrumptious meal of chickpea fritters, yoghurt, rose harrisa and micro herbs. In the same way that the chilli flakes added to the previous dish, the harrisa fulfilled the same role in this one.

We then shared two cakes, a vegan raspberry and lemon cake and a carrot cake. The flavour combination of raspberry and lemon is, and forever will be, one of my absolute favourites, so I was bound to enjoy this. The icing on the carrot cake was quite special; it was full of flavour whilst still being very smooth and light.

From what we tasted I have to admit that the ‘Grandslam’ and the carrot cake take the biscuit …


I decided to test out two of the drinks on offer.

Juice – one thing I loved about Dropshot was that you could choose all the fruit and/or vegetables going into the drink, so you are almost guaranteed to LOVE it. I had carrot, pear, cucumber and apple. It was light and refreshing without being too vegetable tasting. A flavour combination I would recommend.

Coffee – as a black coffee lover I had to go for the Americano. It was the perfect combination; bitter enough that you can enjoy the coffee flavour but not too bitter that you are gritting your teeth together. Mum had the latte and by all accounts that was also great.


The service was timely, efficient and done with a smile. I could not complain.


As always, being in London and being an independent cafe, it definitely isn’t the cheapest place in the world. But the quality, and also the fact it’s independent, makes it actually quite affordable.


The names of all the dishes are absolutely genius, taking inspiration from Wimbledon Tennis which is just up the road. The standout being the Bjorn Burger!


I would 100% recommend this cafe to anyone looking for yummy food, an independent coffee shop with a lovely atmosphere and an inspiring uniqueness to it.

Thanks for reading! Check out their website here.

Bye For Now ✌🏻

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