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So let’s have a chat about quite possibly the most exhilarating, heart racing and quite frankly the BEST thing I have ever done.

Since I can remember, my parents have always said I am adrenaline junkie. From jumping off the top of the diving boards at the age of 8, riding the biggest rollercoasters when I was the tall enough and crying when I wasn’t, to ski racing in recent years and generally never really fearing heights. Sky diving has quite possibly been at the very top of my bucket-list since I knew that it existed, because to me throwing myself out of a plane seems like a great idea.

So when I got to New Zealand, often dubbed the adventure capital of the world, I just couldn’t say no to a skydive. Initially I wanted to skydive at Franz Josef, just for the views of the glacier. However after some thought and deciding that as the weather isn’t always reliable I decided to take the leap and jumped on my chance in Taupo.

As I was travelling around NZ with Kiwi Experience, I skydived with Skydive Taupo meaning I got to fly in the iconic pink plane. I decided to jump from 15,000 ft. as I knew I would love it and would regret jumping from 12,000ft. I decided against 18,000ft. for one main reason, money, it was more expensive and I thought I would be sensible (at this point I had no idea I would be leaving NZ due to Corona ☹️).

For more details re prices and video packages check out the info on their website!

Once you get there, they sit you down and show you a few videos. They tell you what you are getting yourself into and make you read all the terms and conditions. They explain all the pricing options including the different heights and video options. Once you have decided what you want to do and signed the paper work, you lock away all your valuables and then get kitted up. After that you meet the man in charge of your life and then head out to the plane.

On the way up I saw two people jump out at 12,000ft. and after that they put some oxygen on you for the remaining flight up. The views from the plane were INCREDIBLE, we were super lucky as it was very clear. Then once you get to 15,000ft. they move you to the hole in the plane and you dangle your legs out.

And then you GOOOOOOOO

When you jump from 15,000ft. you free fall for around 60 seconds, and the free fall is, in my opinion, the BEST bit. The first 10 seconds you do think, what the hell am I doing, as it goes against every logical sense and human nature. However after that you do genuinely feel like you are flying. It is an indescribable feeling but the most incredible thing ever.

Due to G force and the angle of the camera you get some BEAUTIFUL photos …

Then after 60 seconds they pull up the parachute, which I won’t lie is a relief as you know all is good and for me this is when I truly appreciated the view and the whole experience! I even got to steer the parachute which was epic.

Even when you hit the ground, you still don’t quite believe it happened and the adrenaline doesn’t settle until the next morning.

If you are in doubt, do it, it was possibly the highlight of my whole trip. It was absolutely my highlight of NZ!

If you are thinking of skydiving in Australia, then head over to my absolute faves – RatPack Travel. Have a browse of their options and then ping them a message on Whats App using this link! I have no obligation to sing their praises, but they really ensured I had the best possible experiences in Aus and NZ. I can’t rate them highly enough!

So from one very happy Chipmunk, I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying virtual travel for the time being.

Bye for Now ✌🏻

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