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A Day Trip to Whitstable, Kent.

Mum’s birthday yesterday meant a day trip for me, her and Dad. We decided on Whitstable in Kent, just under 2 hours outside of London. So we hopped into the car, on a very drizzly November morning, and we were on our way.

Whitstable is a quintessential British seaside town, with independent shops along the high-street ranging from specialised ale shops, a few vintage record stores to independent clothing stores.

However, what really sold us were the beautiful beaches, the castle (which we didn’t have time to explore) and the FOOD.

We went to the most gorgeous seafood restaurant, called the Whitstable Oyster Fishery. With a scrumptious starter of a hot smoked salmon salad, magnificent main course of scallops seared with balsamic vinegar and finished off with a delicious dessert of white chocolate cheesecake. The food was amazing; it wasn’t cheap but you get what you pay in this place!

For me Whitstable would be the perfect day or two day getaway to go on with your parents or grandparents. I loved the ambience and the fact I felt as though I had gone back in time about 15 years. However, I imagine it would probably be exceedingly busy during the summer months and not somewhere I would necessarily go to with my girlfriends.

Bye For Now ✌🏻

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